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Pharmacode oder GTIN Code auf ATC-Code schlüsseln.

  • gem install gtin2atc
/home/zeno/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p551/bin/gtin2atc ver.0.1.3
  gtin2atc [--compare] [--log] [file_with_gtin or gtin or pharmacode] [gtin..]
    If file_with_gtin is given only the GTIN (or pharamacode) (one per line) is outputted.
    If no file or gtin is given, alle GTIN will be processed.
    --log               log important actions

    --compare           download an compare GTIN/ATC_code from BAG, SwissIndex and RefData
                        For each GTIN we will output a message if it can be only found in the
                        * BAG
                        * SwissIndex e-mediat:
                        * or if the ATC_Code does not not match
    -- full             if --compare and --full given produce 15 detailed report files
    -h,   --help         Show this help message.
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